Summer Songs 6 (August)

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One of the curious oddities (of which there are many) observable in us humans is our peculiar relationship with time. We leap to loathe and lament the speed at which it ticks past and yet simultaneously we are all too eager to aid it in it’s furious flight. Plunging headfirst into what’s next before the previous has time for a proper “fare thee well."

It’s evident throughout each and every year but the end of the summer season is a prime example. We give summer a precise yearly allotment of 10 weeks while the kiddos are home from school. Once a new semester has started we have all collectively moved on. It’s already autumn in our hearts and minds.

Which is quite a disservice to a season that is only 2/3rds complete.

Though some cooler temperatures have been settling in this week, I think summer’s got a few last words to speak to us. (If we are willing to listen). Undoubtably, it’s in these wind-down-slow-burn moments that summer shares it’s most valuable lessons to us in hot weary-wind whispers:

For me, I hear a reminder to slow down. To not get too far ahead of ourselves (and the calendar).

This is a collection of songs fit for late August. Another bunch of summer songs though we have to fight the urge to be done with her bugs and the miserable heat. These are songs for sitting with a beer in your hand, shaded by the cool of day on the back porch. Songs of screen doors swayin’ while laundry flaps listlessly on the line. The slow creak of rocking chairs and whittled wood hitting rotting porch planks that you meant to get to this summer… maybe you’ll get around to replacing those next year…

If the songs of June are the lighting of a fuse and the songs of July are the explosion of the firework… August songs are the smoke being carried away in the wind. A season that burns itself out too fast but has to stick around a few more weeks to finish what it started. I’m (of course) excited to share some Autumn tunes with you in the near future… but first I’ll let Summer have her full and proper moment in the sun.

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Happy (last sip of) Summer, my friends…


  1. John Prine - Knockin’ on Your Screen Door

  2. Rhett Miller - Most in the Summertime

  3. Look Homeward - Summer Song

  4. Ana Egge - Summer Wastin’

  5. Shook Twins - Holler It Down

  6. Whetherman - Summer Blooms

  7. Honeybucket - Summer Shandy

  8. Steep Canyon Rangers - Long Summer

  9. Norman Blake - Down Home Summertime Blues

  10. Sara Watkins - Long Hot Summer Days

  11. Datri Bean - Slow Down Summertime

  12. Willie Nelson - Summertime

  13. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci - This Summer’s Been Good from the Start

  14. The Lowest Pair - Living Is Dying

  15. Bruce Springsteen - All I’m Thinkin’ About

  16. The Biscuit Burners - Hot August Evening

  17. The Thorns - Long, Sweet Summer Night

  18. Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers - Warm Sumer’s Evening

  19. The Damnwells - I Will Keep The Bad Things From You

  20. Bobby Charles - I Must Be in a Good Place Now

  21. Meg Hutchinson - Seeing Stars


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