Summer Songs 4 (June)

Summer Songs 4.jpg

There’s a sizzly summer sensation burning it’s way into my heart and mind (not to mention my increasingly tender epidermis). Heck, it may get on down to my dermis and hypodermis if I don’t start seriously screening that sunny star in a more steadfast manner!

It’s been a handful of years since I put together a summer-themed mix (that’s approximately one handful too long in my humble opinion) SO! This year I’m making up for lost time and am planning on putting together not one… not two… but THREE (3!) SUMMER MIXES. One special tailored for each of those sun-drenched, sweat-soaked, bug-bitten, glorious months of summertime.

Volume 4 is a perfect June companion. Full to bursting with that high-octane-kinetic-energy that the start of summer seems to let loose in the imagination. That feeling of being seventeen and roaring out of the high school parking after the last bell lets loose a flood of kids with vacation-brain. Infinite possibilities and a seemingly never-ending supply of free time to experience them all.

So let’s hit the road and crank the tunes. Better yell “SHOTGUN!” and jump inside quick.

Spotifiers can get the playlist up top ^^^ . Videos can be found below ↓↓↓ . As always, if you hear something you love: throw some support behind the artist that made it… buy tunes, grab concert tix, share them far and wide on your fave social media… etc, etc…

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Happy summer y’all!


  1. The Black Keys - Go

  2. George Ezra - Shotgun

  3. Donora - I Might Have A Worry

  4. Freedom Fry - Summer In the City

  5. The Monkees - You Bring the Summer

  6. Dar Williams - FM Radio

  7. Matt Nathanson - Gold In the Summertime

  8. Busman’s Holiday - Beach Song

  9. Jukebox the Ghost & Jenny Owen Youngs - Good Day

  10. Ruby the Rabbitfoot - Do Me Right

  11. Courteeners - Summer

  12. Cayucas - A Summer Thing

  13. The Love Language - Heart to Tell

  14. The Young Evils - Get Over It

  15. The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer

  16. Saintseneca - Sleeper Hold

  17. Kuinka - Summer Hotel

  18. Becca Mancari - Summertime Mama

  19. Liz Cooper & The Stampede - Month of June

  20. Matt Pond PA - Still Summer

*Many thanks to for the clipart on the cover art!

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