Upbeat Feelgood

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Lawdy Lawdy! It’s that feelgood time of year, isn’t it?

Spring has fully sprung and the whole gall-dang world is exploding in bloom. Summer is creeping up the road but we aren’t quite within it’s grasp yet and it can’t cripple us with excessive heat and tender burn lines. The armies of blood-sucking insects haven’t marshaled enough troops to completely destroy and devastate a day outside.

And life is rolling right along like it so easily does. Folks are graduating and looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed towards the next big thing. Working stiffs are smelling that vacation swiftly approaching. Kids are dreaming of pools and days that seem to good on forever between an early sunrise and an ever later sunset.

Damn! No sense wasting this feeling, here are some tunes to help you capture that ever elusive Upbeat Feelgood sensation while it lasts!


  1. Birdtalker - Graveclothes

  2. Próxima Parada - Porch Stompin’

  3. Foy Vance - Upbeat Feelgood

  4. Thunderhoof - Everything’s Right in the World

  5. Tyrone Wells - Feel Good

  6. The Sheepdogs - Feeling Good

  7. Ben Lee - Happiness

  8. Donora - Put On Your Neon

  9. Bloom & The Bliss - Gonna Be a Good Day

  10. Poppy - Best Day Ever

  11. Katie Herzig - Best Day of Your Life

  12. Danny Michel - Good Old Days

  13. Calliope Musicals - Echo of the Whoos

  14. Glossary - Trouble Won’t Last Always

  15. Renn - Other Side of Rain

  16. Steven Tyler - I Make My Own Sunshine

  17. Watkins Family Hour - Feeling Good Again.

Check out the ol’ Spotify link above or some vids below!

And as always support any and all of those artists that make you Upbeat Feelgood!