*inhales deeply*

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy!

While spring is not my favorite season (Autumn you know you have my endless heart…), that life giving transition between the rigorous toil of winter and the sweet renewal of spring is BY. FAR. the most anticipated of proverbial page turns. Already we’ve had a few glimpses of those pure Midwest spring days when there is not a hint of anything wrong with the world. I even stepped out in the rain a couple of days ago and reveled in how this rain felt/smelt/WAS so much better than the rain just a handful of days prior.

As I’m prone to do, I’m gonna welcome in the new season with some handpicked tunes that will help us knock the snow off the soles of our shoes and kick the cold outta our hearts! (Get on down the road you subfreezing temperatures!)

These delightful ditties are Stompers. Tunes with that heavy downbeat that makes your leg not wanna sit still and might even entice your hands to repeatedly come together in a clapping motion.

Don’t fight the STOMP… Just let it happen!


  1. Miner - A Morning Song

  2. The Ghost of Paul Revere - Little Bird

  3. Cereus Bright - Stella

  4. Kuinka - Howl

  5. The Strumbellas - In This Life

  6. The Harmaleighs - I Keep Ticking On

  7. Hillsburn - Run Down

  8. Builders of the House - There Is No Hourglass, Only Sand

  9. The Sea The Sea - Keep It With Mine

  10. Dionysia - Carried Away

  11. Oxford - Naked Eye

  12. The Northern Empty - Suzie

  13. Elliot Brood - Dig a Little Hole

  14. Smooth Hound Smith - Knocking’ At My Door

  15. The Bones of J.R. Jones - 13 Kinds

  16. Lindsay Perry - Cheers

  17. Joseph - White Flag

  18. Star & Micey - I Can’t Wait

  19. The Cerny Brothers - Porch Lights

  20. RIVVERS - I Will Follow You

Enjoy via Spotify above or catch some of the vids below and of course in whatever way you can: Support musicians that give us stuff that makes life worth living! Happy Spring y’all!