Paperhearts 3: An (Anti) V-Day Mix

Paperhearts 3.jpg

Howdy friends!

Welp, once again it’s Valentine’s Day… that dreaded/celebrated-weirdly-constructed 24 hours designated to showing people we love that we love them. (Pro-tip: You can do this 365 days a year!).

Since I don’t have much love for this so-called “holiday of love” I’ve been doing a anti-Valentines series of mixes the past couple years called Paperhearts. Not so much love songs although there are some of those in there. It’s more heart-centric tunes that display the full-spectrum-wild-wonderous-wonky range of this mysterious blood pumper that we all have in our chests and that is supposedly responsible for much of the good (and bad) that we feel in this life.

Hope you enjoy… behind my Autumn series this is becoming my favorite annual mix. You can check out the full mixtape above on Spotify or check out some of the individual songs via videos below. Don’t forget to give oodles of love to the artists that give us so much musical enjoyment… hopefully you can find a new fave in this list!

Much love to you on this day no matter what state your heart is in.

  1. Donora - This Heart

  2. Cataldo - Little Heartbeat

  3. Craig Cardiff - Heart

  4. Kristin Andreassen - Jump Start My Heart

  5. Lewis & Leigh - Heart Don’t Want

  6. The Glorious Sons - My Poor Heart

  7. David Ramirez - Good Heart

  8. Colin & Caroline - Elastic Heart

  9. Whim - Empty Heart

  10. Birdtalker - Free Like A Broken Heart

  11. Carsie Blanton - Idiot Heart

  12. Laurie MacAllister - My Stupid Heart

  13. Mitski - Washing Machine Heart

  14. The Damnwells - Heavy Heart

  15. Alejandro Escovedo - Heartbeat Smile

  16. Schuyler Fisk - Irregular Heart

  17. Glossary - Gasoline Soaked Heart

  18. National Park Radio - Oh My Heart

  19. Tyler Lyle - One Beating Heart